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Nanotech industry advocates gear up to fight back

From a piece in Red Herring:

“Mark Mansour, an attorney for Foley & Lardner, issued the warning during a talk at the NanoBusiness 2006 conference in New York City. He said nanotech businesses need to step up their efforts to explain the complex technology to the public—before their foes do…

” ‘Friends of the Earth grabbed the initiative and defined it for the industry,’ said Mr. Mansour. ‘What Friends of the Earth did was nothing short of declaring war on nanotechnology.’ ”

This is perhaps a bit strongly stated. Protesting nanoparticles in cosmetics is not the same as declaring war on all of nanotechnology. But certainly industry needs to pay attention to public perception issues. —Christine

2 Responses to “Nanotech industry advocates gear up to fight back”

  1. Chris Says:

    The solution to “public perception issues” is not simply paying extra for PR… any reasonable person with a nanoparticle of knowledge on the subject would agree that there are definitely real safety concerns to be addressed, and that strongly stated quote seems like dangerous corporate reactionary crap… it’s dangerous when it’s normal corporate behaviour and normal products, it’s exponentially so when we’re talking nanotech.

  2. Christine Peterson Says:

    As I discussed in my talk for the Nanotech & Food conference in DC on Tuesday, the first step for companies is to act responsibly in producing and selling their products, next step is to be seen to be doing so. Can’t/shouldn’t do the second step without the first one. —Christine

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