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Help in learning nanotech

It’s hard for anyone to learn the basics and then keep up with the technical side of nanotech. To the ressue: the National Center for Learning and Teaching in Nanoscale Science and Engineering:

NCLT is the first national center for learning and teaching of nanoscale science and engineering education in the US.
Its vision is to build a globally competitive Nanoscale Science & Engineering (NSE) workforce and well-rounded NSE education leaders.
The mission of the NCLT is to build national capacity in Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education (NSEE).
The primary focus of the NCLT is on “learning and teaching through inquiry and design of nanoscale materials and applications.”
The anticipated outcome will be a new next generation of leaders in NSEE to advance STEM education in our country.

Although it’s called National, they have an International Virtual Institute, presumably open to all. Sounds like webcasts are a major delivery mechanism, though I couldn’t find the list in a quick browse.

Here’s an interview of the director. Dig in!

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  1. Eric T. Says:

    I’ve been wondering how long it would take before general education initiatives like this got underway. Now we just need to get the fundamentals into gradeschool science textbooks. I am still frequently frustrated by the lack of awareness of MNT and its advances exhibited by my coworkers and acquaintances–and I work in a technology-intensive field! With some exceptions, if my peers are aware, they generally only think of it in context of science fiction and prefer not to get involved. Those exceptions, however, generally are excited at the prospects available. So the work of proselytizing goes on…

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