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Nanofood: Science fiction or business opportunity?

The Innovation Society in Switzerland has a new report: Nano-Food Science-Fiction or Business Opportunity?

Kellog’s decision to replace advertising, puzzles and product information on the back side of the cereal box with information on Nanotechnology demonstrates their desire to familiarize their customers with nano products.

Perhaps in the future, customers will ask for healthy Nano Flakes instead of Corn Flakes.

They have a pdf file about it which I cannot read; it appears to be a font problem (advice, anyone?). But we can already answer the question “Nanofood: Science fiction or business opportunity”…why not both? Much of science fiction becomes a business opportunity eventually.

They also have a free newsletter, which you can subscribe to using a link on the homepage. —Christine

5 Responses to “Nanofood: Science fiction or business opportunity?”

  1. James Lewis Says:

    It appears to be a Mac OS X Preview problem (I’m using 2.1.0). There is no problem with Acrobat Reader 5 or above.

  2. Angela Says:

    Try uninstalling your PDF reader and reinstalling with the most update to date version from Adobe. There’s been several update recently from Adobe.

  3. Angela Says:
    This link seems OK to me.

  4. George Elvin Says:

    The pdf report, “Excellence in Food”, is available at
    It’s succinct and informative. Obviously, these folks are hoping to avoid the backlash that has followed the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the region’s foods. An image of the box (front only) is available on my blog. Congrats on a great post, and keep your eyes open for the advent of “interactive foods”!

  5. Robert Lacas Says:

    Nice comments, but it is important to say that nanotechnology explanations on the back of German Kellog Toppas boxes have been launched in 2004 as noted in Advantage Magazine February 2004 and reported by AzoNano I suppose that the 2006 report you talked about is a remake of the 2005 German version because it is writen «recent appearance of the advantages of nanotechnology (NT) on the back of Kellogg’s Toppas packaging» … and 2004 is not anymore recent in 2006 !

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