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Open-source research for nanotechnology?

The open-source research model continues to spread, now to biomedical research. An article by Sarah Everts in Chemical & Engineering News explores Open-Source Science, referencing a paper by Matthew Todd titled Open-Source Research—The Power of Us.

For an earlier look at whether open source could work for nanotech, see Bryan Bruns’ article Open Sourcing Nanotechnology Research and Development: Issues and Opportunities.

Oddly, the C&E News piece has this quote: “Todd says the biggest misconception is that proponents of open source are antagonists of peer review.” I’ll say it’s a misconception: one of the central points of open source is to take better advantage of peer review. —Christine

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  1. Axel P. Mustad Says:

    Since year 2000 I have been responsible for the development of the preliminary definition and design for the technology and functionality of a new open-source system for information sharing, publishing, utilization, storage, transformation, retrieval and licensing of scientific and technical knowledge, with belonging preliminary definition and design of transparent financial market mechanisms, and belonging preliminary definition and design of transparent clearing mechanisms, among other things resting on the development of a new ontology and classification scheme for the converging nano-, bio-, info- and cogno (NBIC) sciences and technologies, referred to as the AORTA system.

    Today we represent an international group comprising leading universities, research institutes, multinationals, industry representative networks, global information- and finance institutions and thought leaders in NBIC science, engineering and technology, standardization, finance, economics and law, involved with the implementation of a new global infrastructure system for multi-collaboration in research and development of NBIC sciences and technologies.

    Should your organization be interested in learning more about our activities, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. Thank you.

    The AORTA System

    A New IP- based Open-Source NBIC Innovation and Trading System

    The AORTA initiative involves setting up the first intellectual property traded exchange (to some extent similar to a stock exchange) in the world. The exchange will be established on a global scale and will be based on interconnected contracts with superior underlying nano-scale Intellectual Property (IP) and Intellectual Capital (IC) values collaboratively developed and owned by US, Latin American, European, Middle East and Asian governments, universities, research institutes and industry- via a new open-source system referred to as the AORTA system.

    It is suggested that since nearly all nano-related research and development is taking place within basic research, problems may arise in relation to the sharing of new knowledge between competing organizations. This is because intellectual property rights (IPR) and particularly the international patent system are only relevant to technical solutions, which are impossible to develop without the basic research. Consequently, new approaches to IPR is necessary for identifying, protecting and assessing intellectual and financial rights, in relation to sharing scientific and technical knowledge, and aimed at shortening the distance and time between basic and applied science.

    The developing AORTA engine underpinning the AORTA system will classify dependency relationships in quantified emerging knowledge in the field of NBIC sciences and technologies. Knowledge is described (by users of the AORTA system; governments, universities, research institutes and global industry) in a way that is formal and is using the same ontological framework, so that dependency relationship actually can be traced.

    With references to developing standards for NBIC technologies, as well as with references to the developing AORTA NBIC ontology and classification scheme, it is possible to simultaneously assess the belonging intellectual and financial rights, i.e. it is possible to combine standards and new models for intellectual property rights management systems with new financial market mechanisms for trade in NBIC related technologies and products (as well as for trade in other future and emerging technologies / financial structured products).

    On top of the AORTA knowledge sharing infrastructure system will be implemented an interconnected clearing mechanism and a belonging transparent financial market for trade in NBIC related intellectual and financial rights. This new IP traded exchange will be known as the:

    Intellectual Property Exchange (IPEX)
    The prospected IPEX system is based on underlying structured financial products representing shared rights to superior intellectual property values, intellectual assets and intellectual capital (derived from nano-scale NBIC science and technology). Investors will with time increasingly invest in modern structured financial products (clusters of intellectual property value / intellectual assets / intellectual capital) for diversification reasons. There are of course a number of issues that must be addressed in order to create a fair and functional market along these lines. Preliminary legal framework models has been developed for the AORTA system – remaining legal work is undertaken in cooperation with interested stake-holders.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Axel P. Mustad, Founder and Chairman
    Nordic Quantum Computing Group AS

    Tel: +47 930 65 500

    Skypename: axelpetermustad

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