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Viruses begin to do nanotechnology construction at MIT

From the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards for 2006, MIT’s Angela Belcher and colleagues are using viruses to build at the molecular level:

Innovators: Angela Belcher, Yet-Ming Chiang, Paula Hammond

MIT scientists reached a major nanotech milestone: re-engineering a virus to create a self-assembling product.

THE GOAL OF nanofabrication is to make tiny machines build themselves using molecules they grab from their surroundings. It’s easy to dismiss the concept as science fiction — or hype. Until you hear what’s been going on in the lab of MIT materials scientist Angela Belcher, a star in nanotechnology circles.

Working with colleagues Paula Hammond and Yet-Ming Chiang, Belcher genetically altered a virus, the M-13 bacteriophage, inducing it to grab a pair of conductive metals — cobalt oxide and gold — from a solution. As the viruses rearrange themselves, they form highly aligned organic nanowires that can be used as a lithium-ion battery electrode — one so densely packed it can store two or three times the energy of conventional electrodes of the same size and weight.

Angela Belcher gets a great deal of attention, but also check out her chemical engineering colleague Paula Hammond‘s list of awards. Materials scientist Yet-Ming Chiang may have a similar list but it’s not on his home page. However, his work has resulted “in the discovery of a way for structures to make incremental adjustments—essentially, to morph—on demand.” Cool.

Using nature’s nanotechnology to move toward a general capability for atomically-precise manufacturing has been a pathway of interest at MIT since the earliest days of nanotech in the late ’70s. Good to see it moving forward! —Christine

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  1. Andrew Says:

    Congratulations to Angela Belcher, Paula Hammond and Yet-Ming Chiang for this step forward, these are the people who in the future will be hailed as the pioneer of the new self-assembly era. It is good to know that there are dedicated professional people doing this research.

  2. Marc Manspeaker Says:

    I’m very excited about this discovery that stops the bleeding. It will be very valuable in medicine and may some day save my own life. The discovery of and the development of nano batteries is very interesting considering the many possible uses. I am wondering, though, would it be dangerous to use electronic nano batteries in the body? I have epilepsy and have found that floricent light bulbs that flicker have been the spark that will litterally cause a grand mall seizer. Slight electronics can cause that problem with me. I am interested in the use and development of nano medicines. I think that this may repair the brain damage that I have from the years of medications. The last MRI that I have, shows that I have extensive brain damage on the top of my brain. The neurologist said that the damage was caused by dilantin. I am fifty three and have used dilantin since I was seventeen. Now I am using Keppra. With great success. Do you think that nano technology will be able to solve the damage that has been done?

    Marc Manspeaker

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is great stuff indeed!
    Maybe she could use this technique with other materials for self-assembly (carbon prehaps).
    This would probably help see in which direction to go with the materials that would have higher strength, and be lighter then normally produced materials!

  4. Marc MANSPEAKER Says:

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  5. shrinivas Says:

    i am really delighted to hear about such an invention and i heartily congratulate Angela Belcher, Paula Hammond and Yet-Ming Chiang for their hardwork for the welfare of mankind. i am eager to know more about this subject. and i’m sure that this will change the whole perspective of re-engineering and nanofabrication. I Wish whoever is dedicated to this field.

  6. marc manspeaker Says:

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