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Salon article on “Techno-dystopia” ads

from the every-party-has-a-pooper dept.
SeanMorgan wrote to point out a Salon article on the Turning Point Project and their anti-technology ads in the New York Times .

"A mostly sympathetic [to Turning Point] article, but it does include some comments from Foresight Sr. Assoc. Eric Raymond.

They even have a problem with social software:

'Everyone should think different together,' quips the copy, suggesting that huge conglomerates rushing toward globalization are more likely to benefit from 'global computer networks' than individuals."

2 Responses to “Salon article on “Techno-dystopia” ads”

  1. redbird Says:

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    I just have one thing to say: nice Web site.

  2. babymac Says:

    So far left, they're right…

    NO, not right as in "correct." I mean right as in fascist. Is it any wonder that these folks see eye to eye with Pat Buchanan on scientific and economic issues? I wrote a comment on another Nanodot story around Turning Point. Then, I stated that this organization seemed to be out to kill as many people as possible. I still agree with that assesment. I actually laughed out loud while reading this from their anti-computer rant: "they may buy billions in national currencies only to sell them again a few hours later, causing wild market fluctuations and currency crashes" This sums up everything Turning Point is achieving with their ridiculous ads: – Misleading the public and the poorly informed. – Giving ammo to more level-headed conservatives. The quote above actually reminds me of a chapter in Tom Clancy's novel, Rainbow Six: A group of lefty terrorists demands the "secret codes" that allow the wealthy to control the stock markets. Turning Point has one evident goal: Stop corporate greed. Their methods though, are ridiculous: Destroy the world. Destroy communications conduits, ban technologies, throw the world back into the dark ages and kill off most of the population. For the record, I am a liberal. I used to get upset when Tom Clancy painted liberals as the villains in each of his novels I've read. After reading propaganda from organizations like Turning Point…I can see precisely why he thinks the way he does.

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