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Copying Virus Armor For Nanomachines?

from the what-the-well-dressed-virus-is-wearing-this-season dept.
Sentharus pointed out an article at ScienceDaily entitled "Discovery Of Armored Viruses May Inspire New Designs For Nanotechnology," on research reported in the September 22 Science (registration required): "Now scientists have discovered that one type of virus actually comes equipped with an armored coat made of interlocking rings of protein…. remarkably similar to chain mail suits worn by medieval knights…. The armored virus was detected by an international team of scientists from Stanford, the Scripps Research Institute, the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Uppsala in Sweden."

One Response to “Copying Virus Armor For Nanomachines?”

  1. redbird Says:

    Perfect for attacking nanobots

    If I were going to design nano battle bots, I would put this kind of stuff on them. I wouldn't on the defensive nanobots, since they would probably end up getting destroyed anyway in the defense, but for offensive nanobots this would be good since it will probably be hard to develop a lot of nanobots for attacking relative to the number defending, allow fewer offensive 'bots to take on more defensive 'bots before getting destroyed.

    Of course, this doesn't mean that a nanowar would be a good thing.

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