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Amazing advance in robotics: see video

Normally this blog focuses on nanotechnology, but it’s also important to stay on top of major advances in related fields such as robotics; the fields will interact in interesting ways.

This video of a DARPA-funded project from Boston Dynamics is a must-see:

Watch the whole thing, and use the YouTube version; the one on the company’s website may not be the same and would not play properly for me.

We’ve been waiting a long time (and some Nanodot readers have probably been working a long time) to get a real advance in robotics. Looks like it’s finally here. In addition to being very, very impressive, it’s also rather…spooky. At first I thought there was a person or animal inside the machine, but eventually was convinced that, no, this is a robot. —Christine

4 Responses to “Amazing advance in robotics: see video”

  1. Jonas Otterson Says:

    Holy Shit

  2. Christine Peterson Says:


  3. Captain Obviousness Says:

    The wheelchair of the future? It would allow people to “stand” at a normal height and it can handle stairs plus all kinds of terrain, and it’s not as precarious looking as the chairs that currently stand up on two wheels.

  4. the Foresight Institute » Blog Archive » Video of very impressive DARPA-funded quadruped robot Says:

    [...] from IEEE Spectrum on the Boston Dynamics robot project. The earlier version called BigDog was cited here a few years ago, and was imporessive enough. The update is a substantially improved version called [...]

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