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NASA to aerospace companies: embrace nanotech

from the hey-flyboys-wake-up-and-smell-the-molecules dept.'s Leonard David writes on Yahoo News of NASA's advice: "There is a global wake-up call ringing loudly for spacefaring nations. The aerospace industry faces a major overhaul if promising commercial space markets are to be realized in coming years…But after four decades of development, is the promise of a booming commercial space sector more high hope than profitable, bottom-line marketplace?…The key to the space future, [NASA Administrator] Goldin emphasized, is in aerospace companies that embrace biology, nanotechnology and information systems." As a first step, we suggest they read up on work by Tom McKendree, currently at Raytheon.

2 Responses to “NASA to aerospace companies: embrace nanotech”

  1. ken_i_m Says:

    Space Access

    In Space Access's Update #94 there is an article "Stranded On The Flats Of The Demand Curve: Cheap Launch In Limbo". It talks about how the cost per pound/demand for launch ratio hit a plateau a number of years ago. It also touchs on how none of the major players are interested in investing in the "radical reduction" in launch costs to reach the price point where new commercial ventures become viable.

  2. MarkGaffney Says:

    Moore's Law and Construction of Space Vehicles.

    I am not a scientist. I am a layman in terms of science. I am a science enthusiast.

    I whole heartedly support NASA and space exploration. I would like to pose a question, regarding Moore's Law and space exploration to any member of the online scientific community with more scientific expertise, knowledge, and understanding than myself.

    It seems logical to conclude that one of the foremost early applications of Nanotechnology when it is fully developed will be space travel. I believe Nanotechnology can eventually be used in TERRESTRIAL FORMING to make planets habitable.

    I have been hearing news reports and reading newspaper articles about the intent of NASA to build and send two more space probes to Mars. Given the fact that in recent years conventional space probes are lost in space and space missions have turned into complete failures, is it not better to spend tax payers money for scientific research to fully develop, perfect, and implement Nanotechnology for space applications instead of building conventional space vehicles that cannot do the job?

    Should not the construction of conventional space vehicles be suspended and scrubbed until space vehicles as envisioned in Dr. Drexler's book, ENGINES OF CREATION, can be built? It seems logical to think that a Nanotech space vehicle embedded with quantum molecular computers in all systems will be better equiped and more functional space probe.

    Perhaps, miniaturization of circuits in construction of conventional space probes is actually valuable scientific work leading toward fully developing the science of Nanotechnology. Is the construction of conventional space probes necessary for continual progress of Moore's Law? Can more work be done on earth to save tax payers money? Can we save money by WAITING PATIENTLY until science allows us to construct better nanotech space vehicles? It is disheartening for an impoverished tax payer to see a billion dollar space project fall out of the sky.

    I think people should be thinking about the implications of space exploration for world peace. I believe there are tremendous natural resources in space that can increase wealth on earth. We, simply have to figure out how to go get the resources we need. Historically, in order to increase gross national product of a country it was necessary to send armies to conquer.


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