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Stu Kauffman’s “4th Law” – Investigations

from the complexity-of-complexity dept.
smythe writes "Stuart Kauffman's latest book, Investigations speaks eloquently to what I believe will soon become the central issue in Nanotechnology. Namely, the(self-)organization and management of complexity of collections of atoms, molecules and molecular scale devices. The design of nanoscale devices and materials is about 'organizing atoms'. The Atomasoft coined phrase 'matter will become software' alludes to this but thoroughly underestimates it at the same time. Kauffman collects many ideas from Biology, Mathematics, Complexity Science and Physics proper and provides us with what he suggests what might be an 'adequate description of life itself'.
"Fourth Law" (the lecture)
Investigations (the book)
Investigations (online notes)"

One Response to “Stu Kauffman’s “4th Law” – Investigations”

  1. JonathanDesp Says:

    Matter will become software it's a fact

    I think it's good to speculate on "Matter will become software". Because the universe become more smart, as the temperature shrink, matter will become more complex, what's very complex? Our brain. What's our brain is creating? Intelligence. What's software? Software = artificial intelligence.

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