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Gates says computers will not save the world

from the atoms-not-bits dept.
Senior Associate Brian Hall [brian] writes "Will computer technology save the world? Not according to Mr. Gates. From this article at The Observer, Bill says he's been "very, very naive" about the promises of Technology in helping the billions of people in the world whose greatest question is NOT things like Linux vs. M$, but rather is there any food to eat or clean water to drink? As an idealist, this is good news(tm) since Bill's bucks could actually make a difference."

4 Responses to “Gates says computers will not save the world”

  1. jefft Says:

    Listen to Gate's Speech online

    You can listen to Bill Gate's speech at Digital Dividend

  2. jefft Says:

    Re:Listen to Gate's Speech online

    Specifically, it is here as the last talk of the day. (Frames really tick me off, man)

  3. DavidMasterson Says:

    Competition an issue…?

    I wonder what Bill's assessment of "competition" would be now. After spending many years (sometimes ruthlessly) competing in the technology arena, I wonder if he might think in retrospect that some of that energy he put into beating his competitors would have been better spent bringing people (and companies) together to find solutions for world problems?

  4. redbird Says:

    Bill is still evil

    Or at least in the eyes of objectivist. Altruism is actively trying to hurt the community, for fans of Ayn Rand, so Bill is just being evil on a much larger scale than the average unselfish, evil doer can be.

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