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Software responsibility as model for nanotech?

Foresight ally Jeff Ubois has a new book out, published by Fondazione Giannino Bassetti, Conversations on Innovation, Power, and Responsibility.  Yours truly is quoted.  An excerpt:

Peterson suggests that a closer look at the software developers might provide some clues about responsible cultures of innovation. “If you really want to know how to create a sense of responsibility, look at the software development community,” she says. “They see their work as political. They see it as ethics-based. They think of the ethical consequences of their decisions. They’re very politicized and very aware. So, why is that? Why is that true in software and not so much true in other areas?”

Of course this isn’t true of all software developers.  Just many of them.  —Chris Peterson

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  1. Leslie Seymour Says:

    Of course, the community of software development practitioners is not always the most of significant stakeholder in deciding where software development takes the industry and the society in general, just in many instances and to some significant degree.

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