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Off to AGI-10

I’m on my way to AGI-10, the general AI conference, in Lugano. ┬áIf any readers are attending, let’s get together.

Among other things, we’ll be unveiling a preliminary take on the AGI Roadmap (of which Foresight is a sponsor).

4 Responses to “Off to AGI-10”

  1. Suz Gildert Says:

    I’ll be there – hopefully I’ll bump into you and say hi. I *would* bring my copy of Beyond AI for you to autograph but I’m afraid it might be a bit heavy! :)

  2. James Gentile Says:

    I hope the AGI roadmap doesn’t say the typical “20 years away” – I mean, supercomputers are approaching human brain levels (in computations per second) within the next couple of years, and will be doubling (at least) every year and a half after that. Before you guys throw out “20 years away” consider that supercomputers will be 32 – 64 times more powerful than a human brain in just 15 years. I just hope you guys take supercomputer CPS (computations per second) into account, that’s all.

  3. Erin Says:

    So James, what would you do with access to one of these super AI systems?

  4. James Gentile Says:

    The question is a little ambigious Erin, do you mean after most major problems have been solved or before? First, you’ll need to design/simulate and fabricate nano-scale robots and manufacturing systems to eliminate disease, poverty, death, etc. which will probably indirectly (or perhaps directly if necessary) eliminate crime and war. After all the managing is done, I will relax with my family/friends and enjoy fine foods and hopefully enjoy and eternal retirement.

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