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The protein engineering path to molecular manufacturing

One way to reach molecular machine systems is to get really, really good at protein engineering.

If that’s your goal, you’ll want to be in Boston on May 17-21 for PEGS 2010, “the essential protein engineering summit”.

Not sure if this is your pathway? Just reading the talk titles is educational. And they have great testimonials from past attendees.  —Chris Peterson

2 Responses to “The protein engineering path to molecular manufacturing”

  1. James A. Donald Says:

    We know proteins work. We do not know clockwork will work down to to molecular sizes, and attempts to scale it down to microscopic sizes have failed miserably due.

    It is often said that at the molecular scale, there is no such thing as friction – but there is no such thing as lubrication either. Proteins get around this by being soft and elastic, so that brownian motion allows the moving parts of protein machinery to caterpillar past each other.

    However it is extremely difficult for humans to design and predict such machinery, machinery that works because it has a large number of degrees of freedom.

  2. Jay Dugger Says:

    Welcome back to Nanodot, C.P..

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