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Technological singularity and acceleration studies: call for papers

This conference track is being chaired by a real computer scientist with a specialty in AI, so it should be more meaty than some popular discussions of this challenging topic:

We invite submissions describing systematic attempts at understanding the likelihood and nature of these projections. In particular, we welcome papers critically analyzing the following issues from a philosophical, computational, mathematical, scientific and ethical standpoints:

  • Claims and evidence to acceleration
  • Technological predictions (critical analysis of past and future)
  • The nature of an intelligence explosion and its possible outcomes
  • The nature of the Technological Singularity and its outcome
  • Safe and unsafe artificial general intelligence and preventative measures
  • Technological forecasts of computing phenomena and their projected impact
  • Beyond the ‘event horizon’ of the Technological Singularity
  • The prospects of transhuman breakthroughs and likely timeframes
  • The deadline for submissions is May 7. —Chris Peterson
  • 3 Responses to “Technological singularity and acceleration studies: call for papers”

    1. Chris Says:

      I feel that an artificial intelligence rooted in, and which comes from the human brain will have a high enough intelligence to thwart efforts to control it through programming. For example if you program it to not hate, it may realize it is supposed to love, it could then equate love as a hatred of hate thereby coming up with the solution that it should both love and hate. I think little control could be had and you’re really just creating a new race of equal or greater beings.

    2. tom Says:

      i’m sorry ; but the only mechanical AI is , weak AI.

      real intelligence ; natural or artificial , requier a soul.

      do you know of any plans for artificial soul or ARS (artificial rational soul) ?

    3. Choi Says:

      Remember to come to the Singularity Summit at August 14 and 15.

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