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China sets up first nanometer technology base

from the U.S.-anxiety dept.
Senior Associate davesag writes "There's an article in the chinese People's Daily headlined 'China Sets up First Nanometer Technology Industrial Base in Tianjin': 'Its long-term focus is to develop and produce nanometer parts and nanometer machinery. Officials said as a joint effort of the State Administration of Petroleum and Chemical Industries, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghua University and Beijing University of Science and Engineering, the base would use the talented personnel and the existing labs in the universities, research institutions and enterprises to accelerate nanometer technology industrial development in the country.'

The full article has a few interesting links."

2 Responses to “China sets up first nanometer technology base”

  1. yuvalro Says:

    SF about chinese nano

    Anyone ever read "The Diamons Age" by Neal Stephanson, about a futuristic China in an age of nanaotechnology? One of the heros of the book, J.P. Hackworth, is a nanotech engineer.

    Neal Stephanson is best known for his cyberpunk (features a rather cool description of life with virtual reality) book Snow Crash, considered by many to be the best SF book of the 90s (yes, IMO it IS better than "Ender's Game" ;-)

  2. zzen Says:


    Oh well – now at least it will be easier to explain to the public why we NEED organizations like Foresight Institute to help us talk about the future dangers of nanotechnology. Consider this – nanotech assemblers can breed even faster then chinese population (now actually under strict birth-control). I don't want to live on the day these guys decide they should take the rest of the world with the help of nanotechnology.

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