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Overview of nanotechnology: yesterday and today

from the getting-oriented dept.
A well-done brief overview of molecular nanotechnology by University of Georgia chemist Dennis Rouvray is available at chembytes: "[Most] scientists were persuaded that nanotechnology was an unobtainable objective. Indeed, it was not until the second half of the 20th century that a few intrepid individuals risked raising their head above the parapet to question entrenched authority on the subject…Even with our current rudimentary chemical nanotechnology, it has been possible to fabricate a surprising range of simple nanomachines. These include abacuses, batteries, brakes, gears, plugs, rotors, ratchets, sensors, shuttles, sockets, switches and wires."

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  1. yuvalro Says:

    The importance of the STM

    I liked the practical approach in the article, in answering how grassroots nanotechnological research has become to be seen as worthwhile. However, it is suprising to me that the writer doesn't acknowledge of the invention of the STM as the most important Nobel prize awarded for improving our understanding that nanodevices are within reach.

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