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TODAY is the last day for early rate on Foresight@Google

Midnight tonight Pacific time is the deadline for the early registration rate on Foresight@Google, our 25th Anniversary Conference and Celebration.

Check it out here:

Past participants have said:

“This is mind candy for my soul. Having attended for two years now, this event stands alone in my mind as an opportunity to explore new horizons, challenge assumptions, and turbocharge a pursuit of lifetime learning. Too few people are brave enough to ask what could be—what could go right, how can we create our future…Those people are here!” —Steve Jurvetson, VC

“This is arguably the leading organization that truly combines scientific thinking and engineering thinking.” —Aubrey de Grey

“Foresight Institute is the premiere organization projecting the societal impacts of technologies which will remake the human experience” —Brad Sherman, Congressman

“Terrific experience for one of the unenlightened! Can’t imagine a more delightful introduction to the world of nanotechnology…Thanks for including me.” —Suzanne Kelly

“Definitely the best conference in this genre that I’ve been to… I was totally impressed.” —Luke Nosek, Paypal co-founder

“Had a great time and was exposed to fascinating ideas — and, more importantly — fascinating sources of ideas.” —Vernor Vinge

“One of the best times I’ve had at a conference, ever! Looking forward to the next one!” —Charles Vollum

Senior Associates: see also the Saturday night banquet.  Non-Senior Associates: join now to qualify for attending the banquet.

Hope to see you there! –Chris Peterson

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