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Intensive one-day course on nanomaterials for aerospace and defense

Among the areas where nanotechnology is having a major impact is advanced materials for aerospace and defense applications. The CANEUS International Organization on “Micro-Nano Technologies for Aerospace Applications” will hold an intensive one-day course Nanomaterials for Aerospace and Defense: Applications, Issues, Trends and Practices on June 28th, 2011, in Palo Alto, California.

Members of Foresight Institute will be offered the same benefits as CANEUS members with reduced registration fees of $350. To obtain the discounted rate select “Member” when registering.

The proposed unique “Industry Focused” course, offered by Dr. Sharon Smith and Dr. Steve Winzer, both former distinguished leaders at the Lockheed Martin Corporation, will be held at the Advanced Technology Center of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, located at 3251 Hanover Street Palo Alto, California.

This one-day intense course is designed to help participants understand how nanomaterials are being applied to the aerospace and defense industries, what are some of the key considerations associated with introducing these materials, what are some of the factors involved in scale-up and qualification, and what future impacts these materials may have on these sectors.

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