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Stanford Artificial Intelligence course free online

Stanford’s AI class “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” will be available free of charge online from October 10 to Dec. 16, 2011. Online enrollment ends Sept. 20. Signing up early is recommended. The class will bel taught by noted AI researchers Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig. Peter Norvig is Director of Research at Google Inc. and was responsible for the hosting of our reunion conference at Google. From the announcement “You can join Stanford’s AI class online, worldwide, this fall!:

… The class runs from October 10 through December 16, 2011. While this class is being offered online, it is also taught at Stanford University, where it continues to be a popular intro-level class on AI. For the online version, the instructors aim to offer identical materials, assignments, and exams, and to use the same grading criteria. Both instructors will be available for online discussions.

A high speed internet connection is recommended as most of the course content will be video based. Access to a copy of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach is also suggested.

Stanford certificates are only available to students enrolled in Stanford University, but online students “will receive a letter of completion from the instructors which will include information on how well you did.” In two videos on the web site Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig explain how the class will work.

7 Responses to “Stanford Artificial Intelligence course free online”

  1. Michael P. Skytte Says:

    looking forward to the course

  2. NanoMan Says:

    This sounds very fascinating. This story here bothers me:

    How insane and disgusting are these people? Don’t they understand that Nanotechnology is the best technology to cure pollution and clean up the enviroment?!

    Also they are hypocrites:

    They use technology to attack technology.

    Neo Luddites/Anti Technology people are one of the few groups I utterly despise with every fiber of my being. I love nanotechnology and robotics and new materials and science/technology in general. What do they want? Everyone to wear grass clothes and eat uncooked food? Even stone age technology is still technology. These are no good creeps and evil vile maniacs, they are terrorist thugs of the lowest kind.

    I am thankful to Foresight and the others who are developing and working on and helping the development of molecular manufacturing. THANK YOU FORESIGHT and all people involved :)

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  4. trucker Says:

    Great initiative. Looking forward to see where this goes. For those who can’t wait you can join the ai class community already on and

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  7. univ ireland Says:

    Stanford Course on consciousness
    Hi all,
    We are currently offering a course on ‚ÄúNeuroscience and experience‚ÄĚ precisely as
    taught as an advanced seminar in Stanford. A sample lecture and outline of the course can be found at
    Queries can be sent to

    It does NOT use video, as we believe that slides + voiceover is a more economical means of learning. The method of assessment is essay submission at the end of the course

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