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Welcome to the Foresight Institute Book Store. Foresight Staff have selected a wide range of books that we believe our members will interesting, useful, or enjoyable. Books purchased in the store also help support Foresight’s mission to advance beneficial nanotechnology. There are frequent additions to the contents of the store, so be sure to check it often. Thanks for your interest in and support of Foresight Institute.


Featured Products

Engines of Creation: K. Eric Drexler. Anchor Books/Doubleday, originally published in 1986.
The original and still the most elegant discussion of the possibilities of developing technologies, especially the technology of building complex devices to atomic precision.


Nanotech Fortunes
Author Darrell Brookstein takes investors, scientists, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists on a wild but perceptive ride through the world of nanotech investing; how it is today; how it will be tomorrow.



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