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This conference will bring together many of the world’s leading researchers on a wide range of work relating to 
atomically and molecularly precise processes, materials, and devices. The wide variety of topics will stimulate 
interdisciplinary dialog, productive collaboration, and scientific and technical progress towards beneficial 
Atomic Scale Devices

John Randall, Chair, CEO, Zyvex Labs
Atomically Precise Manufacturing

Molecular Machines and Non-Equillibrium Processes

J. Fraser Stoddart, Chair, Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry, Northwestern University


Self Organizing and Adaptive Systems

Lee Cronin, Chair, Professor, School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow
Macroscale Control of Nanomolecular Assemblies using 3d Printing and Networked Reaction System Arrays

Commercially Implemented Single Molecule Technologies

Steve Turner, Chair, Founder and CTO, Pacific Biosciences
The ZMW as a New Window Into Single-Molecule Biophysics

Computation and Molecular Nanotechnolgies

Alexander Wissner-Gross, Chair, Institute Fellow, Harvard University Institute for Applied Computational Science; Research Affiliate, MIT Media Laboratory
Bringing Computational Programmability to Nanostructured Surfaces