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Foresight Institute's 2014 Workshop on Directed/Programmable Matter for Energy

Sept. 5-7, 2014, in Palo Alto, California

About the Event:

A small, highly interactive 2-1/2 day meeting focused on long-term prospects for revolutionary advances in energy storage, transmission, and generation based on improved precision in our control of matter.

Wide-ranging thinkers, firmly grounded in a deep and broad understanding of current science will facilitate future research directions, encourage the formation of new multidisciplinary teams, and speed nanoscale advances in the energy field.

This was a private, invitation-only event.


Atomically Precise Materials for Energy from Foresight Institute on Vimeo.

More on Foresight Institute's 2014 Workshop on Directed/Programmable Matter for Energy …

17th Foresight Conference: "The Integration Conference"

The Integration Conference
February 7-9, 2014
Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel, Palo Alto
Silicon Valley, California, USA

The Integration Conference will bring together over 20 speakers to present their research and vision within the realm of groundbreaking atomic- and molecular-scale science and engineering with application across a wide range of advanced technologies, including materials, electronics, energy conversion, biotechnology and more. Events will include presentation of the annual Foresight Institute Feynman Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in nanoscale science and technology.

Integration: The development and proliferation of nanotechnology through its applications in diverse fields are dependent upon the successful integration of nano-engineered devices and materials ("nanosystems") into more complex micro- and macro-systems. Thus, this year the concept of Integration is highlighted, for the successful integration of nanosystems can impact the rate of development, application, and ultimately benefit.

Analysis, simulation, synthesis, and mass production are challenges for nanotechnology integration in such diverse applications as biotechnology, medicine, microelectronics, defense, energy conversion and storage, coatings, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and even food and food security.

Conference Co-Chairs
Robert P. Meagley, CEO/CTO, ONE Nanotechnologies
William A. Goddard III, Director, Materials and Process Simulation Center, Caltech

For further details on the conference, speakers, and events …

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